Encouragement to take ownership of, and be actively involved in the home

When a client lives in a prOKare home, it becomes their home. That means they have a say, and are involved in home-making activities such as gardening or cooking.

They will be invited and assisted to attend monthly meetings to discuss issues relating to the running of the home including the review and development of the home’s policies and procedures and facilitated to make their point of view known to others.

If the client has difficulties with participating in this activity they may instruct their Key Worker to advocate for them.

The close working relationship they forge with their Key Worker provides another route by which they can communicate their wants and needs in order to influence the way things are done in their home.

Encouragement to develop and sustain appropriate self-help and home-making skills

In order that client’s are able to be as independent as they can, their Key Worker and Associate Worker will encourage and support them to do as much for themselves as possible.

They will attempt to build the client’s confidence and provide assistance so that they are able to carry out activities such as cooking, budgeting etc. which are necessary for independent living, where it is assessed that they are able to reasonably participate.