After living in the home for thirteen weeks, a meeting will be arranged with the client and other people who can be of assistance to them in a formal way. The client will be asked who could be useful to them to help them in pursuit of their ambitions and fulfilling their needs, and a meeting with these people will be arranged. The client’s Social Worker is usually present at these meetings, and other health and social care professionals may also be included such as a psychologist or a physiotherapist. The client may also like to invite their relatives and friends.

A report will be written by the client’s Key Worker and other professionals who may have been working with them, in support of this meeting. The reports will help the client and the team to look for solutions to any problems they may be having.

During this meeting the client will be encouraged to plan their future: for example following a hobby, taking part in a sport, going to college etc. Goals will be set and the team of people who have been invited to their meeting will all have their parts to play.

“Individual Programme Planning” meetings take place every six months, after the initial thirteen week meeting. They are one of the ways the client is assisted to organise their future, and say what they want to happen and receive feedback on their thoughts.