The organisation provides care and slow stream rehabilitation supporting client’s continued progress based on comprehensive assessment. Following the assessment process, each client will receive dedicated support from a named Key Worker who will work with the client to determine their priorities and goals for the period ahead.

This close relationship helps to foster trust and facilitates close observation and subsequent timely dynamic support. Key Workers and Associate Workers work with the client and pertinent health and social care professionals to build a personal programme of care and rehabilitation based on their needs and wants.

The system is monitored by the Quality and Rehabilitation Systems Manager to help promote and maintain consistency. Reviews are carried out twice each year. All clients are encouraged to take ownership of their home and be fully involved with decision-making regarding its operation.

Client’s educational, vocational and occupational interests are encouraged. Relationships with family and friends are actively supported and enabled. The overriding aim is to work closely with clients to help them develop their potential and build a full life.