Established in 1998, prOKare has been at the forefront in providing round-the-clock residential care and rehabilitation services for adults with Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI). Our commitment to understanding and supporting each client’s individuality sets us apart. We assist residents in daily activities, goal achievement, and community integration with comprehensive support, ensuring dignity and purpose in life.

Acquired Brain Injury, often called a “silent epidemic,” is increasingly recognized for its societal impact. Epidemiological data show a rising number of affected individuals facing challenges in accessing appropriate care. Traditional services often lack resources, leaving many in unsuitable settings. prOKare addresses this by offering specialized care tailored to ABI survivors, empowering them to lead fulfilling lives.

We understand the unique challenges faced by ABI individuals and provide personalized care to meet diverse needs. Our compassionate team creates a supportive environment for residents to thrive through customized rehabilitation programs and ongoing support.

Additionally, prOKare fosters community and belonging among residents, recognizing the importance of social connection for well-being. We encourage participation in group activities and events to promote meaningful interactions and friendships, supporting residents on their journey to recovery.

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