Since its inception in 1998, prOKare have provided a distinct residential care and rehabilitation service to adults with acquired brain injuries in small homes which blend into thriving communities with the support of knowledgeable, specialist personnel who help them to develop their lives to their full potential.

Our aim is to enable the effective pursuit of a full life through empowerment and the collaborative interventions of specialist staff and apposite health and social care professionals in comfortable community-based homes.

Clients benefit from:

  • Specialist Key Workers attached to each client who facilitate care and rehabilitation and provide advocacy and support.
  • Rehabilitation coordinators who maintain on-going assessment, resource investigation, and develop life goals with individuals.

There is emphasis on client’s cognitive and behavioural needs. Homes operate a systematic approach to care and rehabilitation based on:

  • Individual programme planning
  • Incidental goal planning, addressing everyday care and life career issues
  • Activity planning devised with clients to include social, educative, and vocational need/ wants.

Clients are encouraged to take ownership and be actively involved in their home. Clients are encouraged to develop appropriate self-help and home-making skills to meet their potential.

The service facilitates access to professional services in the community together with on-going needs-led support from a range of service specific health and social care professionals.

Homes undertake active support of clients to develop and sustain a social network of friends and relations.

Our service extends beyond the home, encompassing all aspects of community living. Clients are supported in their quest to satisfy their occupational, vocational and educational needs and wants.

Our team of direct care staff is unique in it is prepared specifically to work with adults with acquired brain injuries and their associated difficulties. Staff receive special ongoing education which is maintained throughout their career and operate a systematic approach to care and rehabilitation in order to achieve a high quality of service to clients.

All rooms, single are ensuite and can be personalised by clients. There are lifts to the first floor.

Following a free preliminary assessment , potential clients are offered a preliminary thirteen-week assessment period in their selected home and the opportunity of long-term or short-term care and rehabilitation.

Our commitment to you.

We are committed to provide comprehensive residential care to adults in comfortable homes with knowledgeable people who understand their needs and difficulties.