As Wake Night staff member you are expected to work closely with Key Workers, Associate Workers and their clients, following personal care routines and maintaining therapeutic programmes. You are expected to familiarise yourself with cases and provide informed support to the team. You will give medication to clients in line with the Company’s medication policies. You will undertake household tasks as directed by the manager, maintaining a safe, clean and healthy environment for clients. You must vigilantly seek out all risk assessments and reactive management plans with regard to aspects of health and safety and client behaviour on a regular basis without prompting, ensuring that you understand and can implement them effectively. You are expected to escort and support clients’ outside the Home if necessary i.e. to hospital. Your position will require regular training which you are obliged to undertake at the Company’s discretion. You are obliged to attend compulsory monthly support meetings with the Home Manager to address your performance and other work related issues.

In association with the above your duties include:

  • Remaining awake between the hours of 9.30pm – 8.30am attending to clients who may rise incidentally during the night, providing where necessary, personal care to clients.
  • Undertaking any household duties that may be organised to take place during the shift.
  • Maintaining any current therapeutic regimes that may demand surveillance and support at night for particular clients, and implement, where necessary, any known care strategies.
  • Being vigilant in the appraisal of risk during working hours, and adhering to, and maintaining awareness of all the Home’s risk assessments and techniques relating to managing challenging behaviours clients may present with.
  • When necessary, proactively waking sleeping staff to assist you in managing any difficult / dangerous situations.
  • When necessary, providing intervals of regular observation / intervention for certain clients.
  • Recording pertinent night observations in the daily record and feeding back information to day staff.
  • Structuring work time to maintain effective productivity in line with expectancies as outlined by the management.
  • Adhere to the requirements set out in the Wake Night Folder.
  • Attend compulsory monthly in-service training / education sessions of 2 hours 10 minutes (for which separate remuneration will be given at Wake Night Rate).
  • Attend training or educational seminars / courses that are offered at the discretion of the management.
  • Ensure that you maintain up-to-date knowledge and awareness of managing challenging behaviours by attending appropriate courses which will be offered.
  • Ensure that you complete the Homes induction process within six weeks from commencement of the post and participate in an initial one week induction.
  • Work flexibly and cover extra nights to suit demands of the service in the home, as requested by the manager, in particular to cover the annual leave and sickness absence of fellow Wake Night Staff. (In such event, agreed nights will be set on the rota by the Home Manager and must be adhered to).

This is not an exhaustive list of duties. Employees are expected to be receptive to changes and new aspects of their work as it evolves.  The Company reserves the right to vary your duties and responsibilities at any time and from time to time according to the needs of the Company’s business.

Wake Night Staff will work from 9pm to 8.30am with a total of one hour break each night. Staff are contracted to attend a 2hr 10min staff training/meeting session each calendar month.

Staff are expected to wear conservative clothing, no jeans/ jogging clothes etc. and to maintain a professional manner at all times.

Because of the sensitivity of this position, applicants are requested to ensure that they are committed to long-term employment with the organisation. The company is committed to providing a quality service and supporting employees in their career development.

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