A “Key Worker” System

Specialist Key Worker’s (specifically prepared in the field of acquired brain injury) work closely with client’s to assess their difficulties and help them to overcome them.

Such Key Workers are developed by the organisation to fulfil this special role and are continually improving their knowledge through on-going education in the field of acquired brain injury and related subjects.

Key Worker’s work with client’s in a spirit of friendship, listening to their idea’s and problems and providing guidance and support when they need it. They will help client’s to represent their thoughts to others when they want to, and will enable them to organise and structure their day.

One of the most effective things Key Workers will do for the client is to work with them to devise a plan of what they want to do and what they should achieve according to their assessed needs.
They will then assist the client to reach their personal goals utilising a specific systematic approach to care and rehabilitation built on a model that specifically addresses clients’ cognitive and behavioural difficulties.

Clients are actively supported in their quest to achieve occupational (i.e. fulfilling hobbies), vocational (i.e. going to work), and educational (i.e. attending college) wants and needs.